Mercedes Benz India Stuns Us With Their Unique CSR Initiatives !


 The initiative aims at the uplifting and development of rural areas of the country.

Mercedes Benz India, the country’s largest luxury car manufacturer announced three unique initiatives in the neighbouring districts of Pune. The initiastives include an E lab facility at ITI Ghodegaon, a watershed watershed conservation structure at Thakarwadi-Landewadi and the Draw Down Cultivation project in Ambegaon taluka. All the three projects are aimed at rural development and will affect lives of over two thousand villagers.

The brand has over the years, been focussing on building future by taking up various sustainable business activities benefitting humanity and nature. Development in fields of education, local skill development, health and sanitation, rural development and welfare, environment and natural resource management have so far been the focuses of the mission. .

Talking about these initiatives, Mr. Santosh Iyer, Vice-President, Customer Services & Corporate Affairs, Mercedes-Benz India said, “At Mercedes-Benz, it is our constant endeavour to contribute back to the society, in our own way, under the ‘Mercedes for India’ initiative. As a responsible automaker and a conscientious corporate citizen, these novel initiatives of setting up an E-lab facility, renovating the water conservation structure and Draw Down Cultivation are just small steps towards helping the citizens of our country. We enable local people to actively participate in the project activities, wherein their inputs are valued the most. We at Mercedes-Benz India believe in acting for the betterment of the society and the country at large and it will always be our continuous effort to give back to the society through varied initiatives in the future.”

Mercedes Benz India’s E lab facility to the students of ITI Ghodegaon would let them get a hands-on experience in digital learning and increase their competencies in a growing market. The facility can accommodate a maximum of 45 students per class and 500 students every year for their digital learning and soft skill development. The lab will also act as a central training facility for all trainers of Industrial Training Institute of Maharashtra.

In order to create alternative livelihood for tribals from catchment of Dimbhe dam of Ambegaon Taluka, the company has initiated the Draw Down Cultivation project. Draw Down Cultivation (cultivation on floodplains), is the type of farming where, the dam backwater seasonally recedes which makes the fertile and uncultivated land optimal for cultivation of short maturing crops. This cultivation practice needs little irrigation requirements as the moisture is retained in the soil for a longer time. Around 400 families will benefit with this initiative.


Mercedes-Benz has been consciously working towards the upliftment of rural India The Draw Down Cultivation project is developed by Shashwat Trust, a Pune based NGO, where seasonal flood plains are utilized for short term farming purpose for tribal families who do not have enough livelihood options. Shashwat Trust has been internationally recognized by UNDPs ‘Equator Prize’ for their successful implementation of the project in tribal zone. Through Mercedes-Benz India CSR funds, the project targets to benefit another 400 tribal families from Ambegaon taluka of Pune.

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