Mercedes Benz Luxe Drive Live Enthralls Lucknow!

 As always, this time too, the event packs adrenaline, gourmet and music tight into a totally alluring package!

The month of September starts with a bang as Lucknow – ‘The City of Nawabs,’gets to witness Mercedes Benz’s supreme hospitality and brand experience through Luxe Drive Live, the carmaker’ sublime customer engagement initiative.

Organized at Smriti Upvan, Jalvayu Vihar, Lucknow on the 8th and 9th of September, the event brought adrenaline, gourmet and music , all under one roof. It began with massive adrenaline gushes as patrons received an opportunity to drive the super-cool range of Mercedes Benz cars and SUVs on specially designed tracks, something further added on by the thrilling demonstrations of the technological prowess and luxury quotient of the carmaker’s range by professional race drivers. Participants enjoyed detailed self drive sessions of GLA and CLA, and off-road simulations of GLC, GLE250d, GLE350d, and GLS350d on synthetic offroad ramps. Pre-safe demonstration was carried out in the C class and E class by professional racing drivers. Besides these, Luxe Drive Live also hosted a magnificent display of the entire range of new product launches and brand shapers from Mercedes Benz and a display car that had been accessorized to showcase Mercedes Benz Accessories. The Luxe Drive Live also bestowed on the participants, an opportunity to get a taste of an immersive experience with the super luxurious S Class sedan.

Mercedes Benz Luxe Drive Live Enthralls Lucknow! 2

Later phases saw celebrity chef Ranveer Brar delight the participants’ senses with some seriously exquisite culinary experience. There were also a few workshops on Gourmet and food photography associated.

Musical extravaganza by MTV sessions- the popular live music gigs from MTV including highly skilled artists like Kamakshi Khanna and Hari Sukhmai along with prominent bands that includes – The Yellow Diary and Paradigm Shift, added more flair to Luxe Drive Live.

Other bits worth noticing are the free car evaluation offered for participants and special trade-in with personalized finance, special zones for kids, Daimler Financial Services, advisory for potent consumers etc. that were part of the event as well.

The Luxe Drive Live took place as an evening drive event that started in the afternoon and lasted till 10 in the night, with the drives being conducted under flood-lights after nightfall. This is indeed an achievement for the brand as its the first time that a carmaker is organizing such a large scale evening drive event in the country.