Prices Hiked For Revolt RV300 And RV400

The Revolt RV300 and RV400 are getting more expensive in every sense!

Revolt Intellicorp, an EV major in business, has hiked the prices of its popular models for the Indian market. The RV300 and RV 400 have gained price hikes of around INR 10000. The manufacturer has also increased the initial payment, booking amount, and EMIs for each of these models.

The Revolt RV300 is now priced at 94,999 after attracting a hike of 10000 INR. The booking amount of the same motorcycle is now 7,999 which was previously INR 2,199, marking an increase of INR 5000. There are 24 and 36 months EMI schemes of Rs 4,384 and Rs 3,174, respectively.

Meanwhile, the RV400 also attracts a price hike of 10,000, making its ex-showroom price a whopping 1.19 lakh rupees. The booking amount of this bike has also bumped from 3,999 to 7,999 after getting a hike of 4,000 INR. This motorcycle is also offered with 24 and 36 month EMI schemes for which you can pay Rs 6,075 and Rs 4,399, respectively.

The maker has only made changes in the pricing and not much has been done with the motorcycles. The RV300 is the smaller and entry-level electric motorcycle to entice new riders into this genre. It is distinguished by its hub-mounted 1.5kW motor, 1,350 mm wheelbase, a narrow rear tire, and smaller disc brakes compared to its elder sibling, the RV400. However, the RV300 outshines it in terms of range per charge.

With a single charge, RV 300 is capable of doing 180kms in ECO mode, 110 km in Normal, and 80 Kms in the sport mode. It weighs 101 Kgs that is 7 kgs lighter than the higher model from the marque. The higher range is offered by compromising on the top speed and certain other features such as adjustable footpegs, plastic components surrounding the headlamps that come for the RV400

The RV 400 features a compact design language, which is powered by a frame-mounted 3kW motor capable of sticking to a top speed of 80 Kmph and returning a range of 156 Kms which is ARAI certified. The lithium-ion battery requires charging of up to 3 hours to make it to 70% and 4.5 hours to make it 100%. The company still offers an 8 year or 150,000kms warranty on the battery and a 2-year warranty for the battery charger, thus making it an enticing option for anyone wanting to buy an electric motorcycle for their daily commutes.