These Tata Motors CSR Actvities For FY 2019 Would Surprise You Pleasantly!

The Tata Motors CSR Activities For FY ’19 lay emphasis on the four key pillars of Health, Education, Employability and the Environment

The details of Tata Motors CSR Activities for the financial year 2019 are out and are immensely exciting! The Indian carmaker’s CSR for this year revolves around four main pillars- health, education, employability and the environment and has been fairly successful in all these niches. Tata Motors has as its vision ‘ the wellbeing of all the stakeholders as the purpose of their existence’, as had been pictured by Jamsetji Tata, the Tata Group founder himself in the past.

There have been remarkable growths in the community development and scope and depth of its operations, as far as Tata Motors is concerned. The latest details of Tata Motors CSR Activities reveals that the carmaker has touched over 7 lakh lives of which around 40% belong to the SC and ST communities.

Yes, that is indeed a fair achievement to talk about. Below are the details of the various zones and activities covered under the current CSR.

  • ‘AROGYA’ for building and strengthening healthcare facilities.

With the prime focus being on eradicating malnutrition in children under the age of five and providing safe drinking water, this programme changed the lives of around 3 lakh people across India.

  • ‘VIDYADHANAM’ for implementing and improving the primary education system

Through the provision of ample financial support and special coaching classes, the educational needs of over 1 lakh students were taken care of. This has been reflecting in the pass percentage in government schools, shooting up from 55% in FY15 to 80% in FY 17. Also, Tata Motors is the Tata Motors is the first corporate in India to support IIT Bombay under Affirmative Action (AA) for Financial Aid Programme (FAP) program.

  • ‘KAUSHALYA’, enhancing programmes on employability

The unemployed youth are trained in three segments – auto trades, non-auto trades and agriculture & allied activities. Over 1 lakh youth and farmers have been made skilled through this programme. 56% have already found employment in selected trades and 4% have started their own enterprises. Overall, the annual income has shot up by as much as 1 lakh!

  • Sustainability cautious ‘VASUNDHARA’

Focusses on increasing green cover by planting saplings and uplifting environment awareness among communities. Over 11 lakh saplings were planted and almost 85% of them were ensured to have survived. Care was also taken to reduce wood demand by up to 27% by the use of fuel-efficient cooking stoves.

  • ‘AADHAR’, envisioning equitable, inclusive and holistic development of the society

In an effort to promote inclusivity, the Tata Affirmative Action Programme (TAAP) from Tata Motors, known as ‘Aadhar’ practices positive discrimination for Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) in spheres of education and Entrepreneurship and higher coverage in CSR led programmes.

  • Volunteering Programme

where 10500 employees invested over 60000 volunteering hours for social development and around 106 managers signed up for Pro-Engage and dedicated 6 months to address social issues.

That’s a great dose of social commitment, isn’t it?