Tata Motors Now Offers In-House Ceramic Coating For The Safari

The homegrown manufacturer seems to be addressing India’s affinity towards ceramic coating well

The newly launched Tata Safari is garnering much attention across the nation. The modern-day reinterpretation of the legendary nameplate has now hit the news for a different reason. Tata Motors has started to offer a first of its kind, in-house ceramic coating service on the Safari, which essentially means you would have the convenience of getting your brand new Safari ceramic-coated right at the time of purchase, and of course at a price!

The ceramic coating, if you don’t know it yet, is a paint/gloss protection technology. It uses an advanced hydrophilic formulation tech to preserve the freshness in the overall appearance of a vehicle. Since these products gel in well with the paint and make it look new and fresh for an immense span of time, the technology as such, has garnered a newfound affinity among the Indians. Tata Motors seems to be addressing this customer demand very well with their vision of an in-house ceramic coating system.

The homegrown carmaker has collaborated with a number of big names in the global car care arena like 3M, Wuerth, Bardhal, and Sikand Stanley BG, and SK Car Care for this initiative. Getting a Tata Motors UV ceramic coated from the dealer would cost you INR 28,500. The crystal-like coat is claimed to provide protection from traffic pollution, acid rain, solvents, animal matter, and even UV rays to some extent! Tata Motors is offering separate coats for glass, paint, rims/wheels, vinyl plastics, and leather.

Though the ‘in-house ceramic coating’ has debuted on the Safari, Tata Motors has plans of making it available on their entire portfolio without much delay…


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