Ather 450X Gets New Colours And More Features For 2023

The much-awaited roll-out happens on Ather Community Day

Ather Energy has unveiled the updated 450X at their Community Day event in Banglore. 2023 Ather 450X hosts Atherstack 5.0, which also premiered at the event. The update brings a new user interface, a new seat and the long-awaited Stack 5.0 to the 450X. The new UI, information layout and Vector Maps are all built in association with Google.

Maps are now smoother, making them load easier and also include live traffic display, layering and perspective change features. Ather claims that the 450X is the first scooter in the world to offer Google map in it. The smoother UI aids in zooming, rotating and other smartphone-like functions. Better swipe and touch recognition hint at the transition from tapping functionality to gesture-based functions.

Four new colours are also added to the 450X with the update: Lunar Grey with Red accents, Cosmic Black with Aqua Blue accents, True Red with White accents and Salt Green with Orange accents.

Ather has also added an auto-hold feature to the 450X, enabling it to prevent rolling back on slopes, without applying brakes. Ather announced that the company is also working on advanced features like cruise control, crawl control, and advanced regen to be introduced in the future.

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Ather has updated the seat of their popular electric scooter in a way that it offers more comfort to the rider as well as the pillion. It is now narrower in the front, which helps short riders to have planted feet. The middle section is wider, so that tall riders can slide back and be comfortable. The thickness has been increased by around 14% for additional cushioning. It can also be retrofitted on existing Ather scooters.

An extended warranty program for the Ather battery was also introduced in the event. This adds a 2-year additional warranty in addition to the 3-year standard warranty on every Ather scooter. Existing customers can buy the extended warranty of 2 years, while the latest 450X comes with 5 years of warranty as standard.

Ather also added a plan for the customers to upgrade from their older scooters to the latest ones. Customers who own Ather e-scooters which are more than 3 years old, can upgrade to the newest 450X by paying just Rs. 90,000. The sub-3-year scooters will get a deal at Rs. 80000 on exchange. Ather offers an additional 10000 Rs off if the customer upgrades by March 2023.