TerraVis: Worksport Unveils Solar Panel Tonneau Covers For Pickup Trucks!

The TerraVis could be revolutionary for the EV trucks of the future!

We know this would sound insane to many but the US-based Worksport has now come up with a solar panel tonneau cover for pickups, that could potentially bring about a revolution in the EV pickup era of the future.

The manufacturer has now launched its website which details this ground-breaking technology. Named the TerraVis, the tonneau of the future is essentially a pickup bed cover that has gotten as many as four different solar panels on it. These generate electrical power from the sunlight and store the same in the sleek cells integrated into them. You could think of it as a solar-based generator plus a power bank glued into one.

This efficient generation and storage of power could mean a number of practical applications for trucks. From setting up a workstation at home to powering a campsite, plenty exist! But what is even more exciting is the fact that this energy reserve could be used to power the heart of an electric pickup truck and Worksport has plans for just the same! TerraVis is gearing up for its first OEM partnership with a US-based electric pickup manufacturer. We are yet to get more details of the same.

Worksport claims that the TerraVis could supply as much as 25-30% of the charge needed by an EV pickup for an average commute! It is equivalent to plugging the EV into a standard 110V outlet! Worksport is currently on an investor hunt and will launch the products within 12-24 months after finding one.


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