The World’s First Tattooed Car Is A Lexus UX Crossover ! [Watch Video]

Lexus claims to have made the world’s first tattooed car. Watch the video of this Lexus UX Crossover getting tattooed…

The love for tattoos has been around for quite some time now. But have you ever fancied tattooing your car? Well, Lexus just did and the result is this, the world’s first tattooed car- a Lexus UX crossover!

Claudia De Sabe, the London-based tattoo artist made an exclusive piece of art on this one-off Lexus UX. It took around six months for Claudia and her husband Yutaro to conceive and plan the art. The actual art of tattooing took five eight-hour days as well. The art shows a Koi fish swimming on the body of the UX. The Japanese treat Koi as a symbol of fortune and luck. The couple used a Dremel drill to sketch the basic art onto the white-painted car and later painted it with more colours.

The Lexus UX crossover is powered by a 2.0L inline 4 engine that lets out 169hp. The car has an absolutely gorgeous and dynamic design, which had made Claudia choose it for her canvas.

Here’s a video showing Claudia making this magnificent piece of art…

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