Yezdi To Launch In January 2022

The iconic Yezdi nameplate is coming back this new year!

Mahindra-owned Classic Legends is set to revive the Yezdi brand in India. Yezdi will make a comeback on 13th January 2022, when Classic Legends will launch three motorcycle models under it. An ADV and a scrambler are expected to debut alongside the legendary Roadking.

The new bikes would compete for attention against Royal Enfield. All three bikes are likely to get the 334cc single-cylinder engine seen on Jawa Perak. The engine on Perak can generate 30 hp and 32.74 Nm. It comes with a six-speed gearbox. Similar figures and specs are expected on the Yezdis as well.

Classic Legends also has a number of other iconic motorcycle brands like Jawa and BSA. BSA had recently hit the headlines with the global unveil of its newest product, expected to hit India in the coming years.

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