Tata Motors Launches 21 Commercial Vehicles In One Go!

Tata Motors has been recording reassuring revival of CV sales in the recent times, and this adds more spice to it!

Tata Motors today unveiled as many as 21 different commercial vehicle models, spanning across the passenger and cargo segments. The new product and variant lineup includes I&LCVs, M&HCVs, SCVs, and buses. Tata claims all these products to host modern-day technology and offer reassuring occupant comfort. The new lineup includes 5 I&LCVs, 7 M &HCVs, 4 SCVs, and 5 buses.

4 Small Commercial Vehicles (SCVs) and Pickups

Targeted at the urban and rural markets, 4 SCV and pickups have been launched. Tata Motors currently enjoys a decent market share in this space. The Tata SCV and Pickup lineup includes-

  • Tata Intra V30 High Deck: Fuel type: Diesel, Loading Area: 2690 mm *1607 mm, GVW: 2.6 tonnes
  • Tata Ace Petrol CX cab chassis: Fuel Type: Petrol, Loading Area: 2200 mm X 1 490 mm, GVW:1.5 tonne
  • Tata Ace Gold Diesel Plus: Fuel Type: Diesel, Loading Area: 2200 mm (7.2 ft) X 1490 mm (4.9 ft)  , GVW: 1.6 tonne (Payloads of upto 750 kg)
  • Winger Cargo: The official Cargo version of the popular Winger nameplate, targetted mainly at ecommerce deliveries.

5 I&LCVs

Falling into the 4-18 tonnes space, the Tata I&LCV range offers longer decks, better fuel efficiencies and competent tonnages, along with CNG powertrains. The I&LCV lineup includes 5 models, with both diesel and CNG powertrains:

  • Ultra T.18 SL: GVW: 18.5 tonnes
  • Tata 407G: Fuel Type: CNG, Loading Area: 3070 X 1965 (10ft load bay) GVW:5 tonnes
  • 709G CNG: Fuel Type: CNG, Loading Area: 4349 x 2117mm, GVW: 7.3 tonnes
  • LPT 510: Fuel Type: Diesel, Loading Area: 3070 X 1965mm, GVW: 5.4 tonnes
  • Ultra T.6: Fuel Type: Diesel, Loading Area: 3160 x 1955 mm, GVW: 6.4 tonnes

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7 M&HCVs

The newly launched Tata M&HCV range includes 7 trucks spread across the Construck, tractor-trailer, and rigid truck segments. These are mainly targetted at market load culture, iron and steel, water containers, LPG, tankers, white goods, FMCG, perishables, and the like. Tata is also offering fully built load bodies, tippers, tankers, bulkers, and trailers. Meet the range:

  • Signa 5530.S: Fuel Type: Diesel, Tonnage: 55 Tn
  • Signa 4623.S: Gets 230hp Cummins engine
  • Signa 4625.S ESC : Gets a first-in-segment Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Signa 4221.T: Comes with a fuel-efficient 5.0L TurboTronn engine
  • Signa 4021.S: Capable Tractor-trailer
  • Signa 3118.T: India’s first 10 wheeler 31T truck with12.5T lift axle.
  • Prima 2830.K: Gets Rear Engine Power Take-Off (REPTO) for lower operating costs of up to 11%.

5 Passenger Commercial Vehicles

Being a strong player in the passenger CV segment as well, Tata Motors has launched 5 models that offer great value propositions to the owners.

  • Tata Winger 15S: Offers plush and comfortable ride to the occupants, without compromising on fuel efficiency. Available as tourist/staff vehicle.
  • Starbus 4/12: LE electric bus with absolute zero emissions
  • Starbus 2200: Targeted primarily at the school and staff transportation sector.
  • Cityride Prime: LPO 1315 bus
  • Magna Coach: 13.5m bus for luxurious inter-city commute.

The CV range from Tata Motors is claimed to offer great value propositions to the buyers, something that would further add to their acceptance. Going by the sales charts, the commercial vehicle space has been exhibiting a reassuring revival from the pandemic, and Tata Motors is strongly building its market share.

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