New Range Rover 2022 Breaks Cover

New Range Rover will be underpinned by an all new platform.

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed the all-new Range Rover. The luxury SUV has now hit its fifth-generation globally and will be available in short and long-wheelbase configurations. This essentially means that the Range Rover will now have a 7 seater version to it, strictly a first for the nameplate. Though the new Range Rover might look like the outgoing model (which is also essentially a ‘2022 Range Rover’) multiple things about it are absolutely new. It will be launched as an MY2022 product and will be sold alongside the outgoing 2022 Range Rover till the latter runs out of stock.

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What’s New On Gen 5 Range Rover?

  • Major design revamps: While the overall design might seem identical to that of the outgoing model, there are a few novelties to the new range rover’s exterior aesthetics. All LED headlamps are now standard and there is a new front bumper that looks majestic.

    The profile has a new Silver accent ahead of the front door, apparently a clever touch to fill up the spacial gap between the door and the wheel arch. 20 inch rims are offered as standard while massive 23 inch wheels are optional. Range Rover 2022 also comes with flush-type door handles, something we had previously seen on the Velar, Discovery Sport and Evoque.

    The rear has been extensively revisited and looks neater and more magnificent now. The tail lights have become considerably sleeker, use the most powerful LEDs in business, and are connected by a translucent strip running along the entire width of the tailgate. Also present are a neat roof-spoiler and split-folding tailgate. There are however, no visible exhaust pipes.
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  • Larger dimensions and 3 row seats.
    There are standard wheelbase and long wheelbase versions to the new Range Rover. The long wheelbase (LWB) iteration is significantly larger, in fact, the largest Range Rover yet! It can be had as a 7 seater. It is the first time that a third row is being offered in the Range Rover. The Standard wheelbase variant will be available as a 5 seater alone.
  • New Cabin layout and materials.
    The Gen 5 Range Rover has multiple changes gone into its cabin as well. The overall design and layout are in line with those of other modern day Land Rovers. One would breathe luxury inside the new RR. Top-quality leather is used in abundance inside the cabin. The seats offer supreme comfort levels and the LWB version can be specced with an optional Executive Class second row which would shoot the occupant comfort further up.

The new RR will also offer fabric upholstery as an option, which is claimed to emit 75% less Carbon Dioxide than the leather counterparts. The entire dash, central tunnel, and steering wheel have been thoroughly revamped. The gear-selector now looks more like the ones seen on other modern-day Land Rovers. Overall material quality and fit have risen yards up.

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  • More Features and Luxury inside
    Multiple new and/or improved features mark their presence on the new Range Rover. The vehicle now gets a new 13.1 inch HD touchscreen as its primary infotainment interface. Powered by the latest generation of Land Rover’s Pivi Pro OS, this system offers easier and quicker access to various functions, haptic feedbacks, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay , Alexa integration (You can ask your Range Rover to turn off the lights in your room!) and wireless phone mirroring. Instrumentation duties on the 2022 Range Rover are carried out by a 13.7 inch HD digital screen and a smart HUD. The rear row has two 11.4 inch touchscreens (13 inch on the SV) and an 8.0 inch touch control panel for added passenger comforts.
  • New Mechanicals- Engine and platform:
    The new Range Rover is underpinned by an all new platform. The luxury SUV is built on Jaguar Land Rover’s new MLA ‘Flex’ architecture, and the same has significant impacts on multiple aspects of the vehicle. The new platform offers up to 50% more torsional stiffness and reduces structure-born noises by up to 24%, when pitted against the outgoing model. The structure has a part to play in ensuring the promising drag coefficient of 0.30, and so do the rear suspension elements and their aero-optimized covers. The MLA Flex architecture can be electrified, so it would be just right to expect plugin hybrids or BEVs based on the new Range Rover in the future.

    The powertrain range also sees a major overhaul on the new Range Rover. The new SUV ditches the 4 cylinder units completely and has just six-pots and a mighty new V8. The lower variants will be powered by 3.0L Ingenium Straight 6 engines (2 petrols and 3 diesels) with up to 246hp on offer on the diesel (D250) and 395 hp on the petrol (P400).

    The top-spec Range Rover 2022 (P530) gets a new V8. The familiar 5.0L V8 is gone and what you have now is a sleeker, more efficient 4.4L twin-turbo V8, sourced from BMW. (BMW group, as you might remember, used to own JLR in the past). The new V8 makes 523hp and 750 Nm, figures that would make the mahoosive SUV sprint to 100 kph on just 4.6 seconds! A ZF-sourced 8 speed automatic transmission remains the only gearbox on offer, but gets an improved low-range setting for more efficient towing and low-speed off-roading.

    Land Rover claims to have fairly reworked the steering and suspension on the Range Rover. The vehicle comes with a dedicated ‘Wading mode’ that lets you go through up to 900mm heights of standing water (almost as good as the Defender!). The new Range Rover also comes packed with a 48V-powered anti-roll system, five-link rear axle, twin valve Bilstein dampers, and all-wheel steering mechanism.

    Also Interesting: At cruising speeds, the new Range Rover will automatically lower itself by a good 16mm for improved aerodynamics.
  • More driver assist features.
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JLR will offer a host of advanced driver-assist features on the new Range Rover. The likes of Adaptive Cruise Control with semi-autonomous driving mode, automated emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist detections, and lane-keep assist will be offered on the international spec.

Variants And Prices

Land Rover has not let out the exact prices or variant details of the new Range Rover. However, we presume the vehicle to most likely) have three variants on offer- SE, Autobiography, and a First Edition. Of course, the first edition will have it in all its glory. However, the Autobiography should offer the ‘most practical best’ if that might ever be an adjective! Stuff like a 1600 Watt Meridian audio, for instance will be present on the Autobiography . Also, out of the two body styles offered, we think the LWB will be the most spectacular, courtesy of the generous room and luxury it packs.

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India Launch

Jaguar Land Rover India will launch the new Range Rover here sometime in 2022. With the global retails expected to commence soon, we expect the India-debut to happen in the later half of this financial year. However, the variants and equipment that would make their ways to India remain to be seen.

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