Ford Ranger Spotted With The New Endeavour In Chennai, Big Plans In The Pipeline?

Ford Ranger could be a mighty rival to the Toyota Hilux in India

Ford is coming back to India. While the brand hasn’t officially announced it yet, new details have now surfaced. Two of its popular global models- Ford Ranger and the new Ford Endeavour, were recently spotted in transit in Chennai.

Previously, a picture of the new generation Ford Endeavour being carried on a flatbed had gone viral online. The more recent capture is that of the Ranger being transported. Ford Ranger, the latest generation of which debuted in November 2021, could soon launch in India, battling the Toyota Hilux and Isuzu V Cross here.

Ford Ranger Spotted With The New Endeavour In Chennai, Big Plans In The Pipeline? 1
Image: Ford Ranger Pickup

The new Ranger gets updated LED headlamps with integrated DRLs, a new grille design, LED tail lamps, and a bold tailgate with ‘Ranger’ badging. It offers three engine choices in global markets- 2 diesel and 1 petrol. It can be had with a 2.0L diesel, a larger 3.0L V6 diesel and a compact 2.3 turbocharged petrol. It comes with 5-speed and 6-speed manual boxes in international markets along with a 10-speed automatic transmission on higher variants.

So which of these could make its way to India? Going by the market winds here, the 2.0L diesel with 10 AT seems to have the best chance! It could comfortably slot in as the worthy competitor for the Hilux here. Ford has, however, been tight-lipped about these.

Interesting to note here is the fact that a previous-gen Ford Ranger was spotted in India in December 2020, thereby igniting rumours of a possible India debut via CBU. Months after this, we saw Ford announcing its plans to exit India!

Ford Ranger Spotted With The New Endeavour In Chennai, Big Plans In The Pipeline? 2
Image: 2024 Ford Endeavour (Everest)

The new Endeavour could be one of the first products to be introduced in India, upon Ford’s re-entry. The latest generation of the much-loved SUV gets significant upgrades over the version that used to be sold here.

Upon its return, the new Endeavour could have almost all boxes ticked to pitch itself as the best Fortuner alternative! While Ford hasn’t made any official announcement about the same, the new SUV could come with the ‘2.0L twin-turbo diesel – 10AT’ configuration.

The American manufacturer could also bring its EV cars to the country. As per reports, Ford could be exploring the possibility of a joint venture with Tata Motors for its India return. Electric vehicles like the Mustang Mach E could launch in India in the upcoming years…

Featured Image source: Instagram