The Last Audi R8 Is Here And It’s Not For Sale!

Rest in peace, Audi R8. You’ll be missed but never forgotten.

Remember that time, when MCU’s Iron Man landed on the big screens in 2008 and propelled Robert Downey Jr. to global superstardom? Along with his character, the genius, billionaire, philanthropist’s ride of choice also became immensely popular, worldwide.

The Audi R8 evolved over the two decades which followed its 2007 launch to take the form of one of the finest supercars to be on sale. After that stellar and eventful run, the German marque has now rolled out the last car to bear the R8 badge. Gentlemen, ladies, it’s the end of the road for the Audi R8.

the last audi r8 supercar

Officially marking the conclusion of its glorious production run, which included a good number of special editions, the final R8 rolled out of the manufacturer’s Böllinger Höfe plant near Stuttgart a few days ago. Top Gear was in attendance to bear witness

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Decked up in “Performance Quattro Edition” guise, the last unit gets a Vegas Yellow paint job, 20-inch alloys and an exterior carbon pack, all of which lending it an elegant yet aggressive persona. Packing brutal firepower behind the seats is the 5.2-litre naturally aspirated V10 which unleashes more than 600 horses, capable of launching the “sensible supercar” forward at neck-breaking speeds. Bless them for directing power to all four wheels via that 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

the last audi r8 supercar

Over the 17-year production period, Audi has built over 44,000 units of the flagship model, selling it in dozens of markets worldwide. Sharing platform with the Lamborghini Huracan made matters more exciting for the car and its customers who wished to own a more “sensible” supercar which still packed the might of the more flamboyant cousin from Italy.

Audi had the courtesy to announce the R8’s retirement with ample time to prepare both existing and new owners for the sendoff, making the initial announcement in 2022. Originally slated to conclude production in 2023, the carmakers continued manufacturing units until March 2024 due to a sudden surge in interested buyers eager to acquire the outgoing legend before it drives off into the sunset.

The Last Audi R8 Is Here And It's Not For Sale! 1

Oh, don’t even bother about the chequebook, lads. This final example isn’t for sale as Audi intends to house this piece in a museum – the Audi Tradition in Ingolstadt. That’s the warehouse where the German carmaker keeps all the fine things to come out wearing the Audi badge. Chances of actually seeing the final R8 there are less too, given that the place isn’t usually open to the public. Audi does take their Audi Tradition residents out once in a while though, for special events around the globe.

Sayonara, Audi R8. We miss you already…

Images source: Top Gear

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