CF Moto Zeeho Cyber Electric Scooter Concept Unveiled!

The Zeeho Cyber electric scooter could make it to India as well!

The Chinese auto-giant CFMoto takes big leap towards future, launches their new brand Zeeho, which will manufacture but electric two-wheelers. The company unveiled their first concept electric scooter, the Zeeho Cyber which is likely to hit the production lines in 2021.

The Zeeho Cyber looks quite out of the world. The futuristic design blends sculpted bodywork with sharp lines and smooth edges. The stylish LED headlamp and DRLs add to the character, a radical seat design, short tail section with sharp tail lamps, and turn indicators go well with the design quo. The exceptional element though is the rear wheel that stands out from the body, like in a drag-bike, looks splendid.

The features list is electrifying too, Zeeho gets an iPad-like instrumentation with built-in GPS, BlueTooth, and wifi, which features, navigation, voice controls and keyless start. The scooter offers 3 riding modes, namely, Eco, Street and Sport, which provide flawless performance in every riding condition.

The Zeeho Cyber comes equipped with a 4kWh Lithium-ion battery pack which powers the highly efficient motor, rated at 13.4hp and 213Nm of torque. 0 to 50kmph comes in under 2.9 seconds and the product has a top speed of 110 kmph, which beats the quickest electric scooter on sale in India, the Ather 450x, by quite a margin. Also according to NEDC( New European Driving Cycle) standards, the Cyber has a range of more than 130kms, which again is higher than the Ather 450x.

Though not confirmed yet, the Zeeho Cyber is likely to make it to India as well, and could then go against the likes of Ather 450x and upcoming KTM electric scooter upon launch.