EV OEM Delta Autocorp LLP (DELTIC) Celebrates 5 Years In Business

Delta Autocorp LLP has products in both the passenger and commercial segments

Delta Autocorp LLP is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in India. Specialized in the design and manufacturing of alternative fuel vehicles, Delta Autocorp (or DELTIC as is better known) has products spread across the passenger and commercial vehicles segments. DELTIC is currently celebrating its fifth year in business.

Delta Autocorp LLP was founded in 2016, by Ankit Agarwal. It currently has its presence in 20+ states, and a total of 150+ dealerships. The current product portfolio includes four different electric scooters, 3 electric rikshaw models, an electric loader, and an electric garbage van. The company has also disclosed that it has plans for launching two more electric scooters and an electric rikshaw in the future.

Deltic costa electric scooter
Deltic costa electric scooter

Delta Autocorp has seen major hikes in sales in recent times due to the rising fuel prices and governmental push for EV adoption. The EV policies implemented by various state governments have also contributed to the rising demands for Deltic models. Delta Autocorp CEO expects to sell 15,000 electric scooters and 5000 electric rikshaws in the days to come. He also has plans of expanding the dealer network to over 250 outlets by the end of 2021.

Deltic’s electric scooter range consists of the following models- EZ, Costa, and the flagship Drixx. Deltic EZ is a stylish low-speed EV with a 60-kilometer range. The Drixx also offers a top speed of 25 kph and a 90-100 kilometers range. The Deltic Costa is priced at Rs 46,499, ex-showroom, and comes with both Lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries to choose from.

The electric rickshaw, called Deltic Star, offers 25% more range than its competitors along with a comfortable ride. It can run 125 kilometers in every full charge. Delta commercial also manufactures electric loaders and garbage vans as well.

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