Ford Mach E | Ford Motor Company To Smash Its Way Into The EV Bandwagon The Mach-E!

Will the Ford Mach E be the American manufacturer’s blow on the Tesla Model Y? Well, the Mustang-based SUV is heading for a global reveal on NOV 17 and all we can do now is to wait with our fingers crossed!

While the entire world is being electrified, Ford Motor Company had announced that they would be investing $11 billion into electrification. By 2022 Ford will be launching 16 pure electric and 24 hybrid vehicles. (Can we go back?) One of them will be this SUV based on brand’s quintessential muscle car, the Mustang. Which is already maturing. (Crowd intake alert!).

Ford will officially reveal the Ford Mustang SUV on Nov 17 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The SUV will have a coupè-ish design with flowing lines rather than a conventional boxy one. (Oh! Hello there Urus, How have you been ?)

The entire unveil ceremony will be broadcasted through the official social spaces of the American marque. The Ford Mach E SUV will get a splendid introduction from actor Idris Elba. Imminent then would be the official reservation process of the car. The ‘Sexiest Man Alive for 2018’, premiering the ‘Sexiest SUV for 2020’- Fair enough!

“Most people don’t know this, but I worked at Ford as a young guy,” Idris Elba told Carmudi Insider. “My dad also worked at Ford. It’s practically in my blood. So working on this project and getting behind the wheel of a car that takes us all towards the future feels like things are coming full circle, but with more exhilaration and tech.”

The Ford Mach E bookings would open on the official website of the manufacturer. You could get yours reserved by paying a sum of $500, that again, is refundable. Also to be noted here is the fact that the first edition of the Mustang electric SUV would be VERY LIMITED! So do hurry if you have plans to own one! Those who get lucky enough to reserve one of these electric SUVs, can then wait till next year when the official ordering window, that would let them configure their car, opens.

Ford Motor Company CEO, Bill Ford put down that the new EV is “going to go like hell”. So the main saving grace would be the power and performance, we expect it to have a dual motor setup with lithium-ion for the plunge. Reports also say that the SUV will have a range of at least 300 miles. (Tesla, take care of yourself).


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