ORENgE: The Energy Tech That Could Change The Face Of Future Mobility

US based GO-OPV launches ORENgE energy infrastructure in North America, here’s what we know

GO-OPV is better known as the LLC suppliers of organic energy (branded the ORENgE) They have now started their North American operations and also launched ORENgE there. GO-OPV has now secured exclusive control of the US market and has announced that the ORENgE would be made available in a number of established and hyper-growth markets.

ORENgE is a commercial ready, roll-to-roll printed and scalable organic energy-based power technology. This energy infrastructure could provide for zero-carbon DC power supply in various scenarios like mobility, logistics, building, mobile phones etc.

The company has been investing heavily in recent times, the most notable being the 120,000 sq.ft foot commercial property in NY for ORENgE panel being installed and the Zero Carbon truck delivery program. ORENgE panels could be of immense significance in the EV arena of the future. These could be used to generate zero-carbon power for EV trucks or for the logistics industry of the future. The EVs of the future could also benefit from the fact that the ORENgE could also provide power even in low light conditions.

Apart from those in the automotive sector, this technology could also be used in a number of other scenarios like buildings, outdoor furniture, mobile etc.


Go-opv orenge

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