The Jaguar Art Of Performance Tour Is Irrefutably Your Perfect ‘Miss Me Not’ Dose Of Adrenaline Any Day!


India’s Jaguar enthusiasts and owners alike gather at the ‘Art Of Performance Tour’ sessions being planned across the length and breadth of India, to feast gaily upon the various British pards currently on sale in the country,  and we head to Kochi to get our dose of the same!

All of it had begun back in Hyderabad when the legendary British car brand Jaguar gave its brand experiential program – the Art Of Performance Tour a swanky kick off back in April 2018. The Hyderabad session of the year’s tour witnessed massive enthusiast-owner participation in it, something which only saw a further boom in the sessions that followed in places like Vijayawada, Chennai, Bengaluru etc. Owing to its heartwarming acceptance, the car maker took the event forth to more places, covering the length and breadth of India in the process.

jaguar Art Of Performance Tour

So what is so special about this event?  What berries have Jaguar packed into the latest season of Art Of Performance Tour? Is it worth your time and effort or just a quick peek of the Indian lineup? We headed to the Kochi session to do the digging …

” The ‘sun-burnt’ day saw us being greeted a tad too warmly by the accustomed yet arousing brap of 500 horses stuffed into one… ” erm! , rather skip the verbal drama at least, as the entire event was about the wild cats doing the best drama they could ever think of !

Yes, the Art Of Performance Tour was all about pushing the Jaguar models to their extremes and finally each of them putting grins of joy on the drivers’ face finally as they got out of the cars…

jaguar Art Of Performance Tour

The tour gave both the enthusiasts and owners alike a chance they would rarely dare to miss, to drive the entire Jaguar lineup through a set of custom designed tracks, made to effectively demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance, agility, maneuvering efficiency, stability, braking and every bit of detail that is worth jotting down when writing an epic on the jaguar models.

There were three different track activities for the drivers to get the right taste of their Jaguars, namely speed-run, slalom exercise, and lane change and brake test, all designed to serve the drivers with the best possible dose of the stellar agility and responsiveness of their ‘wild cats’.

jaguar Art Of Performance Tour

Jaguar currently has a wide stretched product lineup in India. At Jaguar, the ‘sedan life’ starts at the baby XE and continues all the way to the majestic XJ. The SUV range is currently limited to just the F-Pace in India. (However the electric I-Pace has been filling news-boards a bit too consistently these days after being awarded with various titles and recognition globally. We must confess at this point of time that our wait for the I Pace has become too much to bear…) The Jaguar lineup sees its ‘hair raising’ zenith at the F-Type sports car.

jaguar Art Of Performance Tour

All these models were available at the event for the drivers to experience in the way they deserve to be, but all under the supervision and guidance of professional driving instructors from Jaguar. Despite the entire track setting being extremely tricky and dramatic, all the cars tackled even the slightest of drama that it threw at them, with as much ease as with the bigger ones. We would like to give a huge round of applause to the F Pace SUV for its car like handling and agility, in spite of having so massive a brawn…

Rohit Suri, President & Managing Director, Jaguar Land Rover India Ltd. (JLRIL), said“We are pleased to state that The Art of Performance Tour has garnered great response across all our city visits so far. This experiential tour is specifically designed to showcase the agile performance of all our Jaguar cars and I am delighted that the objective is being fulfilled through an event that promises excitement through performance.”.

jaguar Art Of Performance Tour

More details on the ‘Art Of Performance Tour’ can be found here.  So what are your thoughts on this experiential initiative by Jaguar? Got any suggestions for the car maker? Let us know through the comments…

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