Mahindra XUV700 Bags New Endurance Record

A pack of four XUV700s covered a total distance of 4000 kilometers at an average speed of 170-180 kph!

Mahindra XUV700 has hit the headlines again, by achieving a new endurance milestone. A pack of four XUV700s has successfully completed a 24 hours endurance test, covering over 4000 kilometers at an average speed of 170-180 kph. The action took place at Mahindra’s SUV Proving Track (MSPT) in Kanchipuram (where we had had our first drive of the SUV), where four units were driven extensively by a bunch of enthusiasts from the automotive fraternity, for 24 hours, adhering to stringent regulations of Federation Of Motor Sports Clubs of India. The endurance event had EVO India as its key organizer.

Mahindra XUV700 Endurance test

The four XUV700s- Diesel manual, Diesel automatic, petrol manual, and petrol automatic- were driven at extremely high speeds on the High-Speed Track at MSPT, at average speeds of 170-180 kph. The only times when these were pulled back from the track were during fuel stops and driver changes. At the end of the event, all four XUVs achieved heartwarming results.

The diesel manual munched the most number of miles. It had run a total of 4384.73 kilometers, while the diesel automatic clocked 4256.12 km, petrol auto 4155.65km, and petrol manual 4232.01 kilometers. Even more astonishing is the fact that the drivers had to encounter hefty downpour many a time along the course, subtle nods to the XUV’s wet-handling capabilities. This makes for a fresh endurance national record as the previous one had the SUV cover a total of 3161 kilometers over a day in 2016. The same has been recognized by Limca book of records.

The endurance results are testaments to the capabilities of the XUV700. We had spoken about how good it is to drive, how well it handles, and various other aspects in our first-drive review. These results go a step or two ahead and throw light on the tolerance levels of these machines. On the most unsurprising note, the XUV700 is in huge demand in the country, and Mahindra had recently sold out 50,000 units (translating to 6 months of production) in just under 3 hours!

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