Marque One Racetrack: India’s Longest Race Track To Come Up In Andhra Pradesh!

The Marque One racetrack will undercut the BIC in length, confirms the latest report

The Buddh International Circuit, or the BIC, as we call it with ardour, in Greater Noida, is currently the longest and the most advanced racetrack in the country. It is an F1 spec racecourse that has been built according to international standards. With its glory unaffected, the BIC would soon lose its ‘longest Indian racetrack’ title, as a new racecourse is set to come up in Andhra Pradesh, that would undercut it in length.

Ananthapuram district in Andhra Pradesh is set to get a new FIA Grade 2 spec race track. Dubbed the Marque One Racetrack, the course is part of the proposed Amaravati Race Resort project, and the brainchild of Anush Chakravarthi and Shana Parameshwar. The course will have a length of 5.5 kilometres, which is a decent 350 meters more than the BIC’s 5.14 km.

Certified for FIA Grade 2 and FIM Grade B, the track is spread across 219 acres. It features two straights, one of which would be the longest straight to exist in India upon launch, spanning a whopping 1.1 kilometers in length. The BIC’s 1.06 kilometres currently owns this title. The course would also feature as many as 18 corners and 40 meters of elevation change. The Marque One has been designed by the brand that had recently redesigned the Kari Motor Speedway, the ‘Driven International’.

The Marque One would be large enough to accomodate racers, the staff and a whole lot of their cars. It would also have every bit of infrastructure needed for hosting a full-fledged race!

The project also aims at building a professionally designed drag strip, curated offroad test track, skidpad and wet surface testing track alongside the circuit. Thus, it would be an absolute feast for the speed-savvy upon launch and vehicle manufacturers could also make use of these for their testing, as well. Though it was initially planned to let the track go operational by 2025, the recent tweaks to the project essentially mean that the launch could further be delayed.

Image Source: Evo India


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