Maruti Suzuki at Auto Expo 2023

Revisiting top launches, display cars, concepts and EVs from Maruti Suzuki at the Expo

When the largest automobile manufacturer and the biggest automotive exhibition in India came together, it was surely a celebratory moment at Auto Expo 2023. Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) showcased a legion of vehicles at this year’s Delhi Auto Show, including its very first EV, special edition cars, flex-fuel vehicles, and more. Here’s a quick rundown of what the Maruti Suzuki pavilion had in store at the latest Auto Expo.

maruti suzuki evx electric suv concept
Image: Maruti eVX Concept

eVX Concept

The Maruti Suzuki eVX Concept was the inaugural unveiling at the 16th edition of the biennial automotive event of India. The all-new eVX Concept marks Maruti’s foray into the electric vehicle segment. It’s underpinned by a brand new Dedicated EV platform and packs a strong 4×4 DNA. It’s part of a sustainability strategy called the “Imaginext”. It packs a 60kWh battery pack with a driving range of 550km on a single charge. The production form of this electric compact SUV will debut by 2025.

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Jimny 5-Door Debut

This was one of the most anticipated launches at this year’s auto expo, taking the internet by storm as soon as the covers came off. Maruti finally revealed the Jimny in its 5-Door guise at the Auto Expo. The market launch and price announcement will be made later this year.

Apart from the addition of 2 doors, an increase in proportions, and some new features, the Jimny 5-Door remains highly similar to its 3-Door counterpart. It packs the 1.5L K15B engine with mild hybrid technology, with a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual available as gearbox options. The Jimny will also come with a plethora of accessories to make it more off-road-ready.

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5 door Jimny
Image: Maruti Jimny 5 Door

Maruti Fronx

Despite having an unusual name, the Fronx was well-received by the people. It’s essentially a crossover version of the Baleno. It is the first compact coupe SUV for the NEXA range.

It’s underpinned by the same Suzuki HEARTECT platform as the standard Baleno. Maruti claims that the Fronx has the longest wheelbase in its segment  and the best-in-class turning radius. It comes with two options for the engine and two for the transmission. It will go on sale by April this year, with bookings already underway. It will be sold exclusively through the NEXA dealer network.

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Brezza CNG

Maruti showcased a CNG version of the Brezza at this year’s Auto Expo, in a fabulous matt blue shade that has a high probability of trickling down to the colour palette offered on the Brezza. The Brezza CNG will go on sale later this year, as the first compact SUV in India to come with a factory-fitted CNG kit.

It packs the same 1.5L K15C DualJet engine as the Ertiga CNG that churns out 88 HP and 121.5Nm in CNG mode, and 100 HP and 136Nm in petrol-only mode. It is expected to command a premium of ₹90,000 to ₹1 Lakh over the regular Brezza.

Brezza CNG
Image: Maruti Brezza CNG

WagonR Flex Fuel

This is something that many didn’t focus on in the midst of the big launches. Maruti had the Flex Fuel version of the WagonR on display in a near-on production-ready form. It sported lime green “FLEX FUEL” stickers all around the car, seat covers with contrast lime green “WAGONR” embroidery, lime green accents on the door cards and other parts, etc.

It packs the same 1.2-litre DualJet 4-Cylinder engine that’s found under the hood of many Maruti hatchbacks. However, it is a different setup and has all the necessary components to make it compatible with the flex fuel technology.

The additions under the hood include high-flow injectors, fuel rail with heaters, upgraded catalysts, ethanol sensors, flex engine control unit, etc. The 1.2L motor is good for 88 HP and 113 Nm of Torque in CNG mode, and comes mated to a manual gearbox. When it goes on sale, WagonR Flex Fuel will carry a decent premium of 10 to 15 per cent over the regular WagonR.

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Customised Swift

Maruti took a regular Swift, decided to pimp it out with sporty stickers and additional accessories, and make it grab some eyeballs at the Auto Expo. Allegedly, it’ll carry a ‘Sports’ or ‘Limited Edition’ tag if it goes on sale at some point.

It comes with a sharper front bumper, extended lip spoiler, racing-style stickers all around the car, gloss black cluster for the fog lamps, sporty side skirts, contrast black upper section, sharper rear bumper and diffuser-style skid plate. Mechanically, it is unchanged.

On the interior, it features a leather finish for the seats with a suede-like finish in the centre, contrast red & white stitching, red & white racing stripe running down the centre of the seats, Carbon-style red trim, and sporty floor mats.

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maruti suzuki fronx
Image: Maruti Fronx

Ciaz and Baleno Gold Edition

Maruti Suzuki showcased a new special edition of the Ciaz and the Baleno named the ‘Gold Edition’. Starting with the Ciaz, the appliqués on the front grille area, side window base and the boot lid are coloured in gold, as opposed to the regular chrome finish. The 12-spoke rims also come in a new dual-tone gold & silver finish.

Coming to the Baleno, the air dam surround, a horizontal strip running from the driver headlamp unit to the same on the passenger side, boot lid trim, and the skid plate appliqué are all coloured in gold. The wheels feature a dual-tone dark grey and gold colourway. The interior remains the same on both cars. Mechanically, both cars remain the same as their regular counterparts.

Modified Maruti cars at Auto expo 2023
Image: Modified Maruti cars at Auto expo 2023

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Grand Vitara Adventure Edition

The Adventure Edition, unofficially referred to as such for the time being, is a stealthier and sportier version of the Grand Vitara. It is completely blacked-out, including the chrome parts featured in the regular model. The front air dam surround, front grille frame, fog lamp bezel, the bottom layer of the tailgate-integrated rear spoiler, embellishments around the taillights and the rear skid plate are all finished in matte black instead of chrome. It even comes with mounting points for a roof carrier, which makes it suitable to carry a bicycle or something else. Mechanically, it is identical to the regular model.

Other Vehicles

Apart from all the aforementioned vehicles, Maruti also had a few others on display. There was a matt black Brezza and Grand Vitara on display, a metallic gold XL6 glistening under the spotlights, and an Ertiga with some sporty elements like decals.