Petrol Price Tolls Past The INR 90 Mark In Mumbai.

The fuel price hike sees no bounds in the country, here’s more…

Since November 20, the fuel prices have been revised as many as 15 times and are skyrocketing in Mumbai. On December 6 2020, the petrol price in the city had hit an all time high of INR 90 per litre, since 2018. As of today the petrol price stands at INR 90.34 per litre and diesel at INR 80.47 per litre.

It is worthy to note that in some cities like Bhopal, Aurangabad and Indore, the 90 rupees mark had already been crossed in the past week. The prices then stood at INR 91.5 per litre, INR 91.57 per litre and INR 91.58 per litre respectively.

The crude oil prices have seen an upward incline in recent weeks, the prices for a barrel of crude oil rose by $10 last month. That said, the crude oil price is still at a much lower mark than what it was back in 2018.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


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