Royal Enfield Racing V Twins Helmet Unveiled, All Details

The Racing V Twins helmet is the second of the 12 limited edition helmet designs in the pipeline

Royal Enfield is launching a series of 12 limited edition helmets to celebrate its 120 glorious years in business and the first of the series had made its premiere earlier this week, under the name ‘The Original Royal Enfield’. Now, the second design- ‘Racing V Twins’ has also been unveiled. This hand-painted design draws inspiration from the Enfields of the 1910s. It was during this period that racing legends like Bert Colver rode to phenomenal victories at multiple events. V-Twin engines were then the backbones of the entire RE range and were quite reliable and capable.

The ‘Racing V Twins’ helmets draw inspiration from the V Twin motorcycles from the 1910s and are available as full-face helmets alone. Weighing around 1600 grams, these come with a neck curtain and D ring for added safety. There is also a switchable ventilation system with the front chin, side, and top vents, and rear exhaust hot air remover integrated into a sleek spoiler. The sun visor (gets anti-fog film for the main visor) can be operated via a switch. This limited edition design has a sticker price of Rs 8450.

More designs coming in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed…

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