Tata Altroz DCA Automatic Launched At 8.1 Lakh

Tata Altroz DCA is available in 7 variants including Dark editions

Tata Motors has launched the automatic variants of the popular Altroz hatchback in India with ex-showroom prices starting from Rs 8.1 lakh. Tata Altroz DCA is available in 7 variants including Dark editions-XM+, XT, XT Dark, XZ, XZ (O), XZ+, XZ Dark. The top-spec ALtroz XZ+ DCA Dark edition is priced at Rs 9.89 lakh, (ex-showroom).

(Ex-showroom Delhi)
ALTROZ XM+ DCA8,09,900
ALTROZ XT #Dark DCA9,05,900
ALTROZ XZ(O) DCA 9,21,900
ALTROZ XZ+ DCA9,59,900
ALTROZ XZ+ #Dark DCA9,89,900
2022 Tata Altroz DCA variants and prices [Full list]

Most design and equipment details on the Altroz DCA remain the same as the regular car. However, it gets the addition of a new Blue colorway- Opera Blue. Thus, the Altroz DCA can be had in a total of 5 colors- Downtown Red, Arcade Grey, Avenue White, Harbour Blue, and Opera Blue. Plus, there are #Dark editions as well. We had talked in detail about the Altroz DCA in a previous story.

tata altroz dca automatic opera blue

More On The DCA Transmission

The DCA (signifying ‘Dual-Clutch Automatic’) transmission is available just with the 1.2 Revotron NA petrol engine. It is essentially a DCT which the manufacturer claims to have been extensively reworked for the Indian road and weather conditions. It also gets a wet clutch for optimum performance on our roads.

Courtesy of its wet clutch, Altroz DCA would be able to deliver top-level performance in hot weather conditions, and in stop-and go traffics. A high focus has been placed on the cooling department that this DCT would not hopefully give you the ‘heating’ headache, common among many modern-day DCTs. The oil temperature here is monitored rather aggressively- 100 times per second, and corrective measures are embraced within, upon variation from the ideal values.

The DCA transmission also uses machine learning to learn and adapt to various road and driving conditions. This would minimize jerks and shocks. The system ditches cables and goes for sensors with its ‘shift by wire’ tech, minimizing the time between shifts, to as low as 250 milliseconds!

The transmission also gets a self-healing mechanism for keeping clear of dust and its damage. This tech performs additional maintenance automatically preventing any probable damage from dusty road conditions.

The automatic transmission on the Altroz DCA also features an Auto Park Lock function that would automatically engage the park mode whenever the driver is done with driving or is about to get out of the car without engaging it, provided there is a chance of the car rolling back. The system uses sensors to mitigate unfastened seatbelts, inactive pedals, or open doors with a running engine to automatically engage the park mode.

tata altroz dca automatic opera blue

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Variants, Prices, Price Differences, And Rivals

(Ex-showroom Delhi)
Regular Altroz NA Petrol Variant
(1..2L Revotron)
(Ex-showroom Delhi)
Price Difference
ALTROZ XM+ DCA8.10 lakhXM+7.03 lakh1.07 lakh
ALTROZ XT DCA8.60 lakhXT7.52 lakh1.08 lakh
ALTROZ XT #Dark DCA9.06 lakhXT Dark7.99 lakh1.07 lakh
ALTROZ XZ DCA9.10 lakhXZ8.02 lakh1.08 lakh
ALTROZ XZ(O) DCA 9.22 lakhXZ (O)8.14 lakh1.08 lakh
ALTROZ XZ+ DCA9.60 lakhXZ+8.53 lakh1.07 lakh
ALTROZ XZ+ #Dark DCA9.90 lakhXZ+ Dark8.83 lakh1.07 lakh
Tata Altroz DCA Variants and prices

As evident from the A-B comparison above with the regular 1.2 NA petrol manual variants of the Altroz, the DCA variants are all priced at premiums of around a lakh from the corresponding manuals. The Altroz automatic would compete against the likes of Hyundai i20 automatic, recently launched Baleno AT, Honda Jazz CVT, and the now-discontinued Polo AT.