Elon Musk Owned Tesla Inc To Generate Energy in The UK?

It seems Elon Musk owned Tesla Inc has submitted an application for becoming an electric energy generator in the United Kingdom. Here is more …

Recent documents from UK’s energy regulator Ofgem show the American EV giant Tesla Inc filing an application for becoming a power generator in the nation. We are yet to gain clarity on this, but Autocar reports thus:

“The application is “for the purpose of giving a supply to any premises or enabling a supply to be so given” in the specified area of “Great Britain, the territorial sea adjacent to Great Britain or in a Renewable Energy Zone”.

Autocar UK

The application, signed by Evan Rice, Tesla’s energy products sales director, does not really reveal the carmaker’s actual intention. We are not sure if Elon Musk is planning for a large-scale battery storage project here, similar to what Tesla had done in Australia in 2016, but reports suggest the same. Rumours also hint at the carmaker foraying into the energy aggregation market. This could also make sense with the fact being said that Tesla currently owns an Autobidder platform for energy sales and distribution.

As lack of lucidity prevails on this topic, we see the Tesla CEO running into trouble on the social media. Musk had recently tweeted the Tesla stock price to be ‘too high’, following which a decent $13+ million was shaved off the actual Tesla share price, strange but hilarious! Musk had also been roasted online for his takes on the Coronavirus lockdown measures in California. The Tesla CEO had addressed the lockdown as ‘fascist’. The shut down had been quite long and lossy there and businesses would only get back to function later this week. Times have been hard for all automakers alike, and Tesla is no exception. Maybe this could have triggered the public rage against Musk.

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News Source: Autocar UK

elon musk and tesla inc to generate energy in united kingdom