Jaguar Land Rover Develops Contactless Touchscreen For The Post-Pandemic Era

This pioneering system from Jaguar Land Rover makes generous use of Artificial Intelligence and sensors to get the job done

Safety and hygeine could matter a lot in the post-pandemic commute and we all know that well. Jaguar Land Rover is apparently in an effort to do something phenomenal. As part of making their products safer modes of commute, the carmaker has developed a contactless touchscreen system !

Yes, you hear that right. Dare not call it a ‘touch’ screen anymore, because this system would get the job done even without having to touch it! Dubbed the ‘Predictive Touch’, the system has been developed by JLR and the University of Cambridge. A part of JLR’s Vision Destination Zero, the Predictive Touch uses artificial intelligence and sensors to predict the user’s intended target and act accordingly.

One of the key disadvantages of conventional touchscreens is that they demand the driver to take his eyes off the road and to the screen. This could lead to accidents in many cases. Predictive touch solves this problem as well. It is claimed that this new system reduces the time and effort needed to use the touchscreen by up to 50%. Thus Predictive touch makes the drive safer along with rendering more hygiene to it.

“As countries around the world exit lockdown, we notice how many everyday consumer transactions are conducted using touchscreens: railway or cinema tickets, ATMs, airport check-ins and supermarket self-service checkouts, as well as many industrial and manufacturing applications. Predictive touch technology eliminates the need to touch an interactive display and could, therefore, reduce the risk of spreading bacteria or viruses on surfaces.

Lee Skrypchuk, Human Machine Interface Technical Specialist, Jaguar Land Rover