JCB Launches Dual Fuel CNG Backhoe Loader In India!

The CNG powered backhoe loader from JCB is the first of its kind in India !

JCB is the synonym for earthmovers in India, its so popular and a trusted brand when it comes to earthmovers and construction equipments. With the widest dealer network of over 700 outlets offering service, well trained professionals and adequate parts, JCB has made their foot even planted in the country.

JCB India takes another step towards the future, by launching an industry-first dual-fuel CNG Backhoe Loader named, JCB 3DX DFi. This new machine can operate on diesel and CNG simultaneously. It uses a Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) technology.

Implentation of alternate fuels is a noteworthy step-up in the sector. With this new movement of using the misture of CNG and Diesel JCB claims a significant drop in particulate emission leading to reduction of proportionate CO2 emissions. Sounds much Greener!

CNG being a more economical fuel helps lower the operating costs from a customer perspective. JCB 3DX DFi has been extensively tested in various operating conditions before it came out of the veil. Completely developed in India this new machine will be built at the company’s factory in Delhi-NCR.

JCB 3DX DFi will use JCB’s advanced telematics technology- JCB LiveLink which helps to track and monitor machines in real-time. Which also notifies on the Service, Operations, and Security of the machine, either online or through mobile app. Furthermore they can be geo-fenced, time-fenced and can be located through GPS. Customers get updates about the machine’s health, fuel level, battery condition etc for a hassle-free ownership experience.


jcb cng backhoe loader

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