MG Sales In India Grow By 101% In July, All-Time High Numbers For ZS EV

MG sales in India has had 18.75% MoM growth in July

MG Motor India has posted retail sales of 4,225 units in July 2021. This translates to a whopping 101% YoY growth, compared to July 2020, when the figures had stood at 2,105 units. On a month-on-month basis, the sales hiked by 18.75 percent. MG’s June 2021 sales were just 3,558 units, hinting at a volume growth of 667 units in July. July is in fact, the third time in 2021 that MG’s monthly sales figures crossed the 4,000 units mark. Also to be noted, is the fact that MG had sold around 28,000 cars in the entire 2020, and over 25,000 in 2021, as of July.

MG Motor India’s product portfolio consists of the Hector, Hector Plus, Gloster, and the ZS EV. Hector and ZS EV continued to be the top performers in July 2021 as well. The automaker reports that the ZS EV recorded its highest-ever booking and retail numbers in July 2021. The all-electric SUV has recently been in great demand pan India. You might remember us telling you about an MG sales guy from Bangalore selling 6 ZS EVs in June.

Even with the overall demands on the rise, prevailing supply constraints and other challenges posed by the inventory levels of the channel partners continue to be causes of concerns for the automaker. MG is trying hard to resolve these and cater to the demands.