Morris Garages Records 40% Increase In Retails In July 2020

Morris Garages currently has three models on offer- the Hector, Hector Plus and the ZS EV

Chinese SAIC owned Morris Garages records a sales hike of 40% in July 2020. The manufacturer sold 2105 units in July 2020 as compared to the 1508 units of July 2019. MG currently has three products on offer in India, viz MG Hector, MG Hector Plus and the MG ZS EV.

This increase in sales comes in amidst the ongoing pandemic. However, MG’s production in July has remained identical to the previous month. Besides, the manufacturer had recently launched a 6 seater version of their popular Hector brand as well. Dubbed the Hector Plus, the new SUV has been amassing decent booking figures since its launch. The vehicle has supreme second row comfort as its USP.

MG has also been manufacturing ventilators in India, through a healthy association with the Vadodara-based MAX Ventilators, during the pandemic times. There has been an increase of over 10% in ventilator production as well. To fight the pandemic and keep their sales running smooth, Morris Garages had recently introduced the MG Shield+ contactless buying initiative. The carmaker is hoping for their sales to further improve during the upcoming festival season.


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