Nexzu Mobility Launches ‘Smart’ Packaging On World Environment Day!

No more trashing of the packaging, these can now be repurposed!

Nexzu Mobility is a homegrown e-mobility brand, focussing on all-electric mobility solutions for the urban spaces. Being an EV brand, the commitment towards nature is obvious and Nexzu seems to have addressed just the same by making a first of its kind announcement on World Environment Day 2021. The EV maker has introduced an innovative and sustainable packaging solution for its e-commerce orders. All the future orders for the Nexzu website and online channels will come with this packaging in place.

We have grown up seeing e-commerce packaging being trashed or thrown away unattended. In most scenarios, these materials would find no other use than their intended purposes. However, buy a Nexzu cycle and you won’t have to do this at all! The sustainable packaging solution can be repurposed and reused at will.

The packaging, essentially made of environment-friendly materials, can be transformed easily into stackable shelves, bicycle stands, or even table tennis tables! While the first is currently on sale, the bicycle stands and table tennis tables are to arrive soon. All you would need to take up this transformation would be a paper cutter, assures the company. You could then build these much the same way you used to do paper boats or paper rockets in the past.

The entire idea sounds as brilliant as it actually is. The Nexzu team had in fact, iterated over 20 concepts and 50 prototypes over 15 months to finally arrive at these three final designs.


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