Tata Motors Sales Grow By 36% (YoY) In August 2022

PV and CV sales exhibit promising growths

Tata Motors has ended August 2022 on a high in terms of sales, registering net sales of 78,843 units. This translates to a growth of 36% when pitted against the 57,995 units mark of August 2021. These numbers are, however, inclusive of both domestic sales and exports. The domestic sales alone grew by 41% YoY from the 54,190 units of Aug 2021, standing at 76,479 this year.

Tata has a strong portfolio of ICE passenger vehicles comprising hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. These continue to be in great demand and togther recorded sales of 43,321 units this August- up by 60% from 2021 figures. The EV numbers have boomed by a whopping 276% from last year- 3,845 electric vehicles were sold this time. Tata’s present EV portfolio consists of Nexon EV Prime, Nexon EV Max and Tigor EV. The manufacturer has a strong focus on electric mobility and recently announced a couple of concepts for the future- Avinya and Curvv.

The net commercial vehicle sales stood at 31,492 (29,313 in domestic alone). Tata Motors continues to be one of the major players in the CV space and had recently launched a number of important products in the passenger and cargo CV segments.