All-Electric Jaguar I Pace Joins Google Street View Fleet!

Google will use the Jaguar I Pace to map the streets and monitor the air quality in Dublin

Jaguar I Pace, the British carmaker’s first BEV, is among its top recognized offerings as well. This electric SUV has over the years won many awards and recognitions and been used in many key roles. The latest in the line is at the Google Street View fleet. Google has now added the I Pace to its Street View fleet.

In its role at Google, the I Pace is integrated with Aclima-made air quality measuring sensors and Street view mapping equipment. The vehicle will be used to measure street- by-street air quality in Dublin and monitor the Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide and fine particles levels there. It will also be used to update the street-wise Google maps as well.

Jaguar I Pace. Google Street View, Dublin

Jaguar Land Rover engineers have neatly integrated the equipment needed for the ‘mapping machine’ role into the car. Google’s I Pace has roof-mounted Street view cameras, a new rear window glass that facilitates better wiring, and a considerably redesigned interior to incorporate the Google Street View controls. It is the first time that Google deploys an all-electric vehicle in this role.

Jaguar Land Rover had launched the I Pace in India in March 2021. Even while not being a cheap offering by any standards, the SUV has turned many heads here. JLR has plans of becoming a zero-carbon business by 2039 and envisions an all electric future portfolio for the same.