Kia Motors Could Make You Meet The BLACKPINK K-Pop Band For Real! [Details]

Kia Motors is planning to fly 10 lucky winners to Seoul to have a proper taste of the Korean culture, food and the classic K-pop. Here is what you need to do !

Yes, you read that right! You could now be one among the 10 lucky winners to be flown to Seoul and provided with the right taste of Korean culture and the much acclaimed K-Pop!

Kia Motors India is planning to handpick 10 lucky chaps and fly them to South Korea (of course they can take a companion each along!) to meet BLACKPINK, Youtube’s most popular K-pop girl group band! Yes, that is indeed something BIG for Korean pop aficionados. So wondering what to do ?

Well, the contest, ‘Lucky Drive To Seoul’ as is called, is now open and awaiting your entries ! Every applicant would be required to go through the following steps before he is declared in !

  • Submit a Video entry:

    Well, it could be any piece of video depicting your love for Korean pop. A dance video, lip sync clip etc would all do.

  • Share your entry on social media:

    Spread the word by sharing your entries on social media, while tagging the official Kia Motors India handle and using the branded hashtags: #KiaLDTS & #KiaSeltos.

All these should be done before 6th of November. The detailed analysis and judgement would be done by Kia Motors India officials and the results will be out by November 10, 2019. The winners would get once-in-lifetime chances to fly to Seoul, S Korea and indulge in exquisite Korean culture, with the carmaker bearing all their expenses !

Exclusive experience of Korean culture, Korean cuisine, and an in-depth Kia Motors brand experience are all charted in addition to the K-pop cultural event experience. Now, that is too good a thing to not try your luck at … 

Mr. Manohar Bhat, Vice President and Head – Sales & Marketing, Kia Motors
India seems to be immensely excited to comment on this venture: “We, Indians have emerged as one of the biggest admirers of K-Pop around the world of late, and with Kia’s ‘Lucky Drive to Seoul’ contest, we want to bring them closer to the authentic K-Pop culture.

This will be a highly competitive contest and I would like to call out all the K-Pop fans to try their luck and showcase their love for K-Pop, BLACKPINK and Kia Motors. Through this initiative, we aim to offer a unique platform for the young and trendy audience to truly experience the K-Pop phenomena and bring them closer to the true Kia brand experience”

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As evident from his words, Kia Motors Corporation seems to have immense ardor and admiration for K-pop. It wasn’t really long back when they got into a tie up with the K-pop band BLACKPINK globally, whereby Kia agreed to be the title sponsors for BLACKPINK’s 2019 World Tour (More on that here!). The Seoul based car maker had also organized various experiential events in association with them recently.

The ‘Lucky Drive To Seoul’ could be Kia’s way of thanksgiving for the resplendent Indian debut that they had here. Seltos, the maiden launch of Kia Motors in India had the been welcomed with much warmth and affection that it has been amassing record booking and sales figures right from the day one !.

The Kia Seltos is offered here with a choice of three engine and four transmission options, including absolute fun stuff like a 1.4 Turbo petrol and 7 speed DCT. The engines are all BS6 as well. This compact Kia SUV excels with the equipment list on board too, as it boasts of many segment firsts and industry firsts! With the official pan- India price well knit and fully intact, the SUV is currently doing wonders in  sales, even when  the rest of the market drooping to serious downfall!

In India, the Seltos is battling the likes of Hyundai Creta, Nissan Kicks, Renault Captur, MG Hector, Tata Harrier, and to some extent, even the Jeep Compass! Well, that shows it all…

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